Sorelle Organic & The SCOOP Foundation

Sorelle Organic Hair & Beauty are proud sponsors of The SCOOP Foundation Australia. Our collaboration with SCOOP is aimed at increasing awareness of impoverished communities and children around the world and using our business as a vehicle to unlock and nurture opportunities for growth & development of these communities from partner sponsors in Australia.


"We are run entirely by committed volunteers who want to create lasting change. Our intent is to bring care, growth and equity to the communities we work with, through service, respect and transparency. We are the Australian division of The SCOOP Foundation, an Irish based non-profit founded in 2008. This unique structure means we have already secured partnerships with two grassroots organisations based in Cambodia and India. Our purpose is to raise money to support these organisations in building schools to provide free education for kids living in poverty.

We provide deep, life-changing sustainable support, partnering with local NGO’s, developing organic programs that touch the lives of the most vulnerable children in meaningful and tangible ways.

Our partners on the ground give us regular updates to ensure our donors and supporters are involved in every step of our projects, the stories of the children we are helping and the daily challenges and triumphs of our work."

For more information about The SCOOP Foundation please visit

2019 Events

INDIA 2019

The 800 km journey begins hiking the mountains of Ravangla with the kids from the streets of India and ends having followed them back to their school all the way in Varanasi.

In March 2019, Sabrina along with Lisa (founder of The SCOOP Foundation Australia) and Natalie (White Rose Collection) left the hustle and bustle of Perth to meet with the kids in India.

“Part 1 of the trip involved a 30km hike to the top of a mountain and back, it was the most physical testing activity I have experienced and at times I didn’t think I was going to make it but the kids kept me going, offering their food and drink supplies and stopping to take short breaks with me. The spirit of these kids was unbelievable, there I was with my hiking boots and walking stick and they just ran up the mountain like they have done it a million times before. The memories I made from this trip will last a lifetime as will the impact they have had on my life.

Part 2 of our trip took us to visit their school in Varanasi, where we we’re lucky enough to spend a few days getting know these wonderful people. Naturally the children are always happy and playful, they offer unconditional cuddles and endless smiles. It didn’t stop there. The teachers themselves are an absolute inspiration, dedicating their lives to help these children break the cycle of poverty.

Footsteps to India is such an important cause as it gives these kids the opportunity to get out of the city, breathe fresh air and be kids. They learn how to be independent, team building and it gives them the opportunity to see a life beyond the streets. With the money we were able to raise in the lead up to this trip we were able to fund this excursion and provide new sneakers, gloves and backpacks for the children. A little bit of money can go a long way to improve the lives of these kids.” - Sabrina.

2017 Events


In October 2017 Sabrina along with her Dad, Frank volunteered at the SCAO II school in Cambodia.

“It was the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life! These beautiful, joyful children, who love life even with little material possessions and who appreciate even the most simple pleasures have impacted me more than they will ever know. When I returned to Australia after my visit I had a new appreciation for my home, it truly is one of the luckiest countries to live in the world. A country full of opportunity, where education, food and shelter is readily available for everybody.

During some English conversation classes with the higher level students; an opportunity for them to practice their English with us, one of the topics we chose to talk about was, ‘If you could have one wish what would it be?’. Every single student in that class answered the same. ‘I would wish for a good education, to go to University, so that I can get a good job and be able support my family so my parents don’t have to worry about how they will put food on the table’. Many of these kids where around 16 years of age, when most teenagers in Australia would wish to travel the world or meet their favourite singer or for a brand new Lamborghini, these kids simply want the thing that we as Australian’s often take for granted.

It is so easy to get caught up in the rat race of life but it is important to take the time to be grateful for the life we get to live every day. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to visit one of these beautiful countries, the experience is life changing.” - Sabrina.



This is where it all began, the first of many fundraising events for Sorelle Organic Hair & Beauty. On April 30th 2017 we abseiled 40 storey's down the QV1 building dressed as super heroes to help raise awareness for The SCOOP Foundation Australia. It was such an empowering experience, if we can abseil off the edge of a building we can do anything.

Together we managed to raise over $3000 from the abseil challenge that went towards the Jeevan School Lunches program, supporting education for 150 kids living in the local slums of India. Without the school, the kids would not receive an education, leaving little chance for them to break the cycle of severe poverty.