The story behind the name Sorelle. When translated, Sorelle means sisters. It represents four very close sisters with a unique bond and passion for the hair, beauty and organic industry.

From an early age we have all shared a passion for creativity and it has been a lifelong dream to one day work together in a Salon of our own. It all started when Krystal (Beauty Therapist) and Sabrina (Hair Stylist) started our training together over 14 years ago. We spent many late nights helping each other prep for exams and it was then that the name Sorelle was created with a vision of working together once we had gained more knowledge and experience. 

Four years later after Sabrina had qualified, Stephanie (Hair Stylist) was inspired to begin her apprenticeship, after spending the best part of her teen years as a model. She loved everything about hairdressing. The people, the environment, the creativity.

During this time the youngest of the four, Tanika (Makeup Artist) sharing a slightly different passion, but just as creative began studying to become a makeup artist. And so the dream went from two to four. 

After eight years working at the Salon, Sabrina took her first step toward Salon ownership, her very own home Salon. Over the next six years Sabrina grew her business and shortly after Stephanie joined her. It was here that we developed our vision and core values. Honesty, Family, Quality Service and Healthy Natural products.   

Since our dream first began we have all had our own journeys, life experiences and travels. But the bond of four sisters, the unseeable but unbreakable bond of family has brought us are all together, making our dream a reality. 

We love what we do and cannot believe that we get to work together every day, meeting amazing people who have become our family too.